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Yoruba Nation:Adebanjo Reveals Why Ighoho Tried To Leave For Germany


The acting chairman of Afenifere, Ayo Adebanjo, has disclosed why Yoruba Nation agitator, Sunday Igboho wants to leave Nigeria for Germany.

Adebanjo in an interview with Arise TV disclosed that the agitator tried to leave for Germany because the Federal Government was after his life.

He further stated that the government had become terrified of the influence that Igboho has, hence the attempt to silence him permanently.

I do not support secession but I do not blame Igboho. The man only ran for his life because the government were after his life. He who fights and runs away lives to fight another day. They were terrified of the power he wields. Can Buhari command that kind of crowd that Igboho commanded during rallies? Buhari’s crowd are always rented,” he said.

Adebanjo while speaking on Igboho’s arrest and possible extradition, said the Benin Republic government needs to establish if he had committed any offence that required his extradition to Nigeria.

“Political fugitives are not extradited in saner climes. If the government of the Benin Republic are as civilised as they claim, they need to establish if Igboho has committed any crime that warrants extradition.

“Sunday Igboho’s offence is calling for secession. What is he doing that is any different from what Scotland did to break away from the United Kingdom? The only issue here is that he is agitating under the Buhari dictatorship. What Igboho is going through is a disgrace to the entire country. It is a sad thing for me.

“I will keep saying that the 1999 constitution is the problem of the country. Ever since the Military imposed it on us, it has been one problem to another for the country. It is a fraudulent document that is responsible for disharmony in the country. Give us back the constitution we had at independence.

“Buhari is chasing Igboho and Kanu all over the place while negotiating with and pampering bandits. The Department of State Services do not have the energy to go after insurgents but can attack any opposition.

“Igboho’s agitation began when Buhari could not protect his people from killer Fulani herdsmen. He rose in retaliation because the herdsmen kept killing his people. Nobody knew Igboho prior to this ruckus. The man did not ask legitimate Fulani businessmen and women to leave the South West. He only went for killer herdsmen who keep causing destruction in the region,” Adebanjo said.




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